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About VTEX Industries

VTEX INDUSTRIES was formed in 2016 by Trish Brims and Mark Shepherd Smith with a vision to supply the mining industry with real world solution’s by utilizing innovation and client engagement. With health and safety being the first priority VTEX INDUSTRIES set out to develop some very unique products. With the development of the Ventronic and safety collars two safety challenges have been eliminated. Based in QLD but operating nationally and internationally we have the capacity and ability to supply all mining companies and industries with our premium products. VTEX INDUSTRIES is constantly performing research and development to further improve our products. We are working with the leading testing facilities and coal companies to ensure that we are always on the front foot and improving our products and service.

Innovative Design

After identifying a market gap for ventilation in the Underground Mining Sector, VTEX Ventronic was designed, innovated and tested. The technology works in a similar capacity to bladeless air fans, a system that has no moving parts.

Manufacturing Process

VTEX team aim to ensure quality and consistency is maintained with every unit produced. With the use of local suppliers it has enabled the product to be manufactured in Queensland.

Product Performance

VTEX Ventronic is able to be used through different applications including: • Ventilate over drives and stubs using air only • Ventilate and suppress dust in travel roads using the air/water application • Belt road dust suppression • Crib rooms • Returns/Tailgate

VTEX Ventronic Features

VTEX Ventronic is a uniquely designed carbon fiber ventilation fitting developed specifically for underground and enclosed spaces.

The product allows for three Air intake solutions: Air, Water and Stone Dust Injection.

VTEX Ventronic is made to suit most size vent tubes allowing in-line adaptation if required.

VTEX Ventronic is an Australian product, patented globally and manufactured in Queensland.


Simple light weight alternative to the old fashioned timber or steel supports. VTEX INDUSTRIES can customize length and size to suit your supports and needs. NATA tested and annually inspected to ensure your team is always safe. The best solution on the market.


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Locally developed product

Locally developed product VTEX Ventronic was locally designed and tested by the small and innovative team. After seeing what was currently available to the market a gap was identified and VTEX Industries began to develop the VTEX Ventronic.

Locally manufactured

VTEX Ventronic is constructed locally by the VTEX team to ensure quality and consistence are maintained with every unit produced. With the use of other local suppliers we aim to keep this production process a QLD based business and product

Patent product

VTEX Ventronic is an internationally patent product. Keeping this Australian owned and operated is a important part of our business model.

FRAS Approved

VTEX Ventronic is FRAS tested – specifications AS/NZS 60079.0:2012 AS 1334. 10-1994 Tests report number NE 16/0030 conducted at Simtars Centre Redbank plains QLD 4301 Date tested 29 November 2016 Certificate available upon supply of product

Light weight construction

VTEX Ventronic is constructed from FRAS rated Carbon fiber with a wall thickness of 1.5mm this makes the VTEX Ventronic very light weight and durable. Approx. weight 8-10kg pending tube diameter.


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We are always looking at product improvement and meeting our clients needs. Your feedback is a very important part for our company growth.